We build world-class newsletters.

A great newsletter is like a pirate ship.

Every new email subscriber is more wind in your sail, and you are the master of your own fate.You don't rely on the whims and costs of the social platforms to make sure your message is reaching its audience.You own the direct line to that audience.That’s the beauty of an email newsletter, and it’s why big brands are shelling out to buy them.Unfortunately, most people struggle to make a newsletter that’s sticky. Something that their audience loves and works well repeatedly.That’s where we come in.Our team has built and scaled some of the largest, most effective newsletters in the world.Some have made tens of millions in sales. Some have made hundreds of millions.And now, we do that for you - building a well-oiled machine for growing, retaining, and monetizing an audience.

Who is Tailwind for?

Tailwind is for brands, thought leaders, and content creators that are serious about building a valuable newsletter - one that grows their reputation, engages their audience, and provides an additional channel for monetization.

What do I get with Tailwind ?

Every week, our team will construct, write, and send an engaging, effective newsletter - one that's true to your voice, your brand, and your audience.

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